Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Buffalo? I can't wait...

So I'm less than 2 days away from being in Buffalo, NY. My plane leaves from IAH sometime in the 6 am area on Thursday morning...I know...What the heck was I thinking? :) Actually, what I was thinking was that I would be in Buffalo early enough to do stuff on Thursday. I arrive around 1 pm on Thursday afternoon. I'm heading up there to visit with my best friend from high school, Lisa, and her family. I am super excited about meeting her beautiful 1 year old baby Dillon. I can't wait!

Granted, I am a little more nervous about the flight due to the tragic accident that occurred less than a week ago when a plane went down less than 6 miles from the airport in Buffalo. Read the latest about it here. My thoughts and prayers are with all their friends and families.

Anyway, I am super excited...I'm hoping I can convince them to take me to see Niagra Falls...I've always wanted to see it in the snow. The last time I went there it was in September, so no snow yet. I am thinking I'll get my wish to see my snow this time. Looks like the highs while I'm there is in the 20s :) Wow, this Texas girl isn't use to that! I got the cutest rain boots to wear, cute scarf, gloves and hat...hope that I will stay WARM!! :)

Here's Lisa and her mom and dad after our graduation.

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