Thursday, February 11, 2010

a little stressed...

I think I have honestly used that title before but I am too rushed to actually look. I have so much to do in the next 16 hours before I leave for Buffalo...I promise after I get over this *hump* I will post fun stuff again...instead of me just whining about everything I have to do!! :)

  • countless projects at work that all seem to need to be done before I leave...nevermind I'm really only out of the office 2 days, it still seems like it's the end of the world... {and yes I still HAVE to clean off my desk because alas it's my nemesis that I cannot destroy}
  • shop - need a suitcase {last buffalo trip mine broke}, camera case {don't know why i never ordered one for my new kick ass camera}, bra {sorry's a necessity and mine are all breaking/broken} and I'm not sure what else...I have to make a list today. before I leave work. which is hopefully before all the stores close.
  • pack - make my list, wash clothes, put stuff in suitcase {haven't even started anything}
  • finish a website - seriously I have to finish a website I promised forever ago. thankfully I'm almost there...but it HAS to be done tonight.
  • load songs/movies on my iPod...I had to replace my old one since it crashed and have yet to add songs...I need to do that before I get on the plane tomorrow @ 6:45 am.
Sorry the list is more of a way for ME to make myself do everything. or at least know what I need to do. Next post should be from me in a much happier place...mentally and physically :)

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Charris said...

have a safe and fun trip, don't forget to take a deep breathe:)