Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{tv tuesday} 2011 fall preview...

People, it's that time of year again. New shows. New obsessions. So excited. Since we don't have cable/satellite/etc, I technically won't watch these shows on the days they air, but I'll list them on the day they actually are aired as not to confuse everyone {myself included}.

{fyi: contains a lot of videos  that might not show up in google reader}


Hart of Dixie {cwtv} - seems a LOT like Doc Hollywood with a girl and wine.

The Playboy Club {nbc} - guess other networks are trying to capitalize on Mad Men's success.

 Two Broke Girls {cbs} - hit or miss. I'm hoping for a hit...but thinking it'll be a huge miss.


GLEEEEEEEEEEEEE {fox}- was there any doubt?

Last Man Standing {abc} - I don't know if I'll make it past episode 1 of this show...seems way too similar to 8 Simple Rules and honestly, from the previews it seems like that's what its trying to mimic. I loved 8 Simple Rules...this feels like it's dollar store knock-off. 

Man Up {abc} - not sure...maybe?

New Girl {fox} - looks funny!

Raising Hope {fox} - still ADORE this show!


Survivor {cbs} - OF COURSE ;)  


I Hate my Teenage Daughter {fox} - the trailer totally had me giggling 

America's Next Top Model {cwtv} - HELLO All Stars, though where is my Tocarra????


Big Bang Theory {cbs} - how are you NOT watching this show? {fyi this song is now stuck in my head}

Grey's Anatomy {abc} - I'm DYING to know what is happening next.

Private Practice {abc} - I just watched the entire series last week and are now hooked.

Community {nbc} - I LOVE this show. One of the best out there.  

The Office {nbc} - who is the new boss?? Will this show be as funny without Steve Carrell? Maybe it'll make it funny again. I think they were relying too much on him towards the end. I hope it's a great season.  

How to be a Gentleman {cbs} - maybe? 

Whitney {nbc} - willing to try it...not looking that promising though.


Kitchen Nightmares {fox} - maybe. I'm guessing no. I'm kinda over this show AND Fox's new viewing policy on their website. Now you have to wait EIGHT days after an episode to see it online unless you are a dish network member? What kind of crap is that?


Once Upon a Time {abc} - maybe it will be good? I kinda hope so -- interesting premise.

Pan Am {abc} - see my comment on The Playboy Club...but honestly I am really insanely looking forward to this show. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

In reality I will probably dump most of these after the second week. I generally give a show at least one episode past the pilot. What shows are you looking forward to returning?


Marla said...

I think I'm the only one alive that doesn't like Raising Hope. Yeah, I said it. ;p

New shows I am looking forward to: Pan Am, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Unforgettable ... I'm sure there are more. Can't remember right now. ;p

michelle said...

omg i hate my teenage daughter looks good. i love jaime pressly!

i added ringer, up all night and free agents to my line up. waiting for 2 broke girls, whitney and the new girl to premiere :)